School of Veterinary Medicine and Science

Mohammed Shukri Shukur





I obtained an MSc in Veterinary Internal Medicine from the University of Duhok in 2008 and a BSc in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from the same university in 2004.  My MSc research was a preliminary study of occurrence of some metabolic diseases and nutritional deficiency in sheep in Duhok province, Kurdistan region.

Degree Registration:

PhD Veterinary Medicine and Science

School Research Theme:

Animal Infection and Immunity

Research Topic:

Immune responses to Mycobacterium avium

Summary of Research:

Mycobacterial infection is a major problem in both human and animal health. Mycobacterium avium is of considerable importance to the poultry industry and in immune compromised people. In this project we will compare the immunological interactions of M. avium subspecies avium from different human and animal sources with avian, human and bovine infection models. We aim to test the hypothesis that the inflammatory interaction will be strain specific dependent on host species of isolation.  

Research Supervisors:

Prof Paul Barrow and Dr Michael Jones

Primary Funding Source:

Kurdistan region government


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