Bridge over river in Newcastle at dusk

My Blue-Green vision

Dr Emily O'Donnell explains how better protecting cities like Newcastle and Nottingham from flooding can also make them greener, healthier and more pleasant places to live
March 2021
Man riding a bike with a mask on

Living in a material world

Pete Licence underlines the importance of sustainability in a world getting back on its feet
May 2020

Creating greener air travel for all

Reducing the environmental impact of aircraft is vital for the future of our planet. Research at the University is helping to bring the aerospace industry together to focus on the issue.
October 2019
Image of a tractor harvesting

Harvesting information to help farmers in post-Brexit Britain

The future of UK farming is under the spotlight more than ever. Professor Paul Wilson of the Rural Business Research Unit explains how experts are helping to navigate a shifting landscape
October 2019
Image of a river

A river runs through it

A border dispute that rumbled on for more than 150 years was finally resolved thanks to the expertise of river scientist Colin Thorne
October 2019
Image of a lake

Sediments reveal climate clues

‘Living deltas’ offer clues towards building a picture of environmental change over time
June 2019
Illustration of a car

Smaller, lighter – and better

Extending the mileage of low-carbon electric vehicles by significantly enhancing the performance of their engines
June 2019
Dr Angus Davison holding snails

How #SnailLove led me to the BBC

Dr Angus Davison on the Jeremy the snail phenomenon and life as a Media Fellow
November 2018
Image of an elephants eye

What would he tell you about his zoo?

The University of Nottingham has developed a new tool for zoos to help address one of their more elephantine challenges: welfare in captivity
November 2018
Image of a tomato

Long live the tomato

Research at the University of Nottingham is transforming the way breeders develop new varieties of tomato – improving shelf life while maintaining excellent taste
November 2018
Abstract illustration of China

Low carbon: the world joins forces with China

International expertise is vital to deliver the International Low Carbon City, a flagship environmental project in China
November 2018
Image of Trent Basin

Power to the people

A community project is leading the way for the UK’s renewable energy policy
November 2018
Image of Ningbo port

Power of a new ocean current

Our dependence on fossil fuels must be tackled if we are to address global warming caused by climate change
June 2018