Arts and culture

Highfields Park Boating Lake, University Park Campus, Nottingham

Listen by the lake: engaging the public with sound

The Institute for Policy and Engagement’s listening posts around Highfields Park offers the public chance encounters with groundbreaking research and ideas from the university.
December 2021
Memorial to Queen Victoria statue

Contested heritage: art, empire and monuments in Leeds

Dr Rebecca Senior, a Henry Moore Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, has created a series of resources to support institutions grappling with legacies of colonialism by engaging with recent debates over contested art in the UK.
July 2021
Maiken Umbach

Through whose eyes are we seeing the past?

Professor Maiken Umbach is challenging the use of Nazi photographs in commemorating and teaching about the Holocaust
November 2020
A scientist opening a liquid nitrogen container

The three amigos: chaos, Covid-19, (research) culture

Our response to the virus has given researchers the opportunity to reflect on what a renewed sense of community and shared purpose can achieve
May 2020
Shakespeare books

Streaming Shakespeare: the theatre industry in lockdown

Dr Peter Kirwan ponders what theatre will look like when the lights go back up
May 2020
A statue in a museum

Bringing museums to life through sound

From soundscapes of Bradford to compositions in caves, Dr James Mansell explains how he is working with museums to enrich visitors’ experiences
October 2019
Hollywood sign

The future of film

What next for the movie industry? A researcher is helping film-makers in Hollywood plan ahead.
October 2019
Two gold masks

Golden years

Our heritage lottery-funded project has helped the Theatre Royal to develop a new volunteer-led approach to researching its history
June 2019
Abstract image of a castle

Remembering our rebellious past

A successful £13 million Heritage Lottery Fund grant will see a new Rebellion Gallery unveiled at Nottingham Castle
June 2019
A gold coin

Heads and tails

Iron Age coins are revealing fascinating details about the East Midlands during this period
June 2019
DH Lawrence illustration

The coalminer’s son

How DH Lawrence’s life is promoting a greater appreciation of the literary and mining heritage of Eastwood among school pupils
June 2019
Dinosaurs in a museum

Triumph of the dinosaurs

Bringing an iconic collection of dinosaur fossils from China to a Nottingham museum was a remarkable coup and forged new partnerships with the fastest-growing sector of its kind in the world
June 2018
Viking ships

Norse Star

Dr Roderick Dale’s fascination with the Vikings is shared by many: 9,000-plus people attended the record-breaking exhibition Danelaw Saga: Bringing Vikings Back to the East Midlands
June 2018