Medicine and wellbeing

Health worker doing a Covid test

Covid transmission: what a study of Nottingham NHS staff taught us

Health workers and their families have given researchers invaluable insights into protecting against the spread of the virus, says Professor Ana M Valdes
April 2021
Creating spaces for young people’s voices in mental health research

Creating spaces for young people’s voices in mental health research

Dr Aislinn Bergin and Dr Joanna Lockwood talk about how the University of Nottingham are working with partners to create spaces for children and young people's voices in mental health research
February 2021
Ill child asleep with bandages and tubes on hands

Saving young lives with a clearer view of cancer

Researchers at the University of Nottingham have transformed awareness of childhood brain tumours. Now an unprecedented study will deepen understanding of the journey from diagnosis to treatment for children at risk from all forms of cancer
February 2021
Image of person using a tablet

Transforming lives by predicting and preventing disease

Professor Carol Coupland is developing risk prediction algorithms to help identify individuals at high risk from heart disease, diabetes and other diseases
January 2021
Illustration of two people talking

"I was reluctant to seek help...I thought I'd be judged. Society has made it a feminine illness"

How the Hungry for Words project is raising awareness of eating disorders in men
January 2021
Covid-19 virus

Time to do things differently

We can be a competitive bunch, but as rapid advances against #Covid19 show, scientists are pulling together - and using Twitter to share the results
June 2020
Image of a young person walking

Child and adolescent mental health in a post-lockdown world: a ticking time bomb?

Child and adolescent mental health in a post-lockdown world: a ticking time bomb?
June 2020
Image of closed sign

Furlough and the wellbeing of the workforce

7.5 million UK employees have been furloughed, raising important questions about the impact on workers and their relationships with work
May 2020
Image of pharmacy sign

Chemists to the nation, pharmacy to the world

An international history of Boots the Chemists promises to shed new light on a Nottingham company that has grown to be a global player
June 2019
Periodic wallpaper

Periodic wallpaper

Casting new light on Florence Nightingale’s life in the Midlands, Paul Crawford explores her pioneering approaches to wellbeing
June 2019

Lab on a chip

At the George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research spectroscopy is being used to find new ways of detecting illness at an early stage
June 2019

Prescribe yourself a story

Can sharing personal accounts of recovery from mental health problems help others?
June 2019
Sketch of pill bottles

Right place, right time

Ground-breaking research to ensure drugs reach the sites of disease in the right dose at the right time
June 2019
Xray of the breast

The applied mathematician will see you now

Weang Kee Ho has no white coat and doesn’t own a stethoscope. But she does hold a doctorate in statistics and a passionate desire to fight breast cancer
November 2018
Illustration of a heart monitor graph

A new beat generation

A world-leading breakthrough in wireless foetal heart-monitoring will help save lives in delivery suites across the globe
November 2018

Prescription errors: keeping millions safer

An online tool is helping GPs and pharmacists reduce the risk of prescription errors for millions of patients
November 2018
Image of pill packets

Leading the way for the NHS

A research project tracking hospital doctors at work is helping to improve patient care
November 2018
Image of bacteria

Medical devices that bacteria can’t grip

Clinical trials are now testing a breakthrough: catheters with a ‘non-stick’ coating that prevents bacteria forming infectious, and even lethal, biofilm
November 2018

Conquering a Killer

Dengue fever is a leading cause of serious illness and death among children in some Asian and Latin American countries
June 2018
Image of biofilms


The challenge clinging to every aspect of our lives
June 2018
Female wearing the MEG scanner

Game changer

A new generation of brain scanner, being developed at the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre, could help revolutionise diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders
June 2018