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A child wearing the MEG scanner

A quantum leap for brain imaging

Unlocking the mysteries of the human brain with a revolutionary “wearable” scanner

Image of road scenario

See bike, say bike

Thousands of road deaths could be prevented by asking drivers to talk to themselves, writes Dr Peter Chapman of the Accident Research Unit

Professor Wei Shen Lim

How high-quality research saves many lives and millions of pounds

Professor Wei Shen Lim’s contribution to studies on pneumonia vaccination and treatment for Covid-19 have a profound influence

Through whose eyes are we seeing the past?

Professor Maiken Umbach is challenging the use of Nazi photographs in commemorating and teaching about the Holocaust

Good for cows, good for the planet

Establishing the value of alternative, sustainable sources of protein in animal feed is helping the UK dairy industry reduce its carbon footprint

The future of film

What next for the movie industry? A researcher is helping film-makers in Hollywood plan ahead