Professor Matthew Loose, standing on the QMC tram link bridge, Queen's Medical Centre (QMC)

The Covid detectives helping to track the spread of the virus

Genetic scientists play a vital role in tracking new virus variants such as Omicron. Professor Matt Loose explains
December 2021
Ru Jia

Hair samples capture Covid’s stressful toll

Meet Ru Jia the analytical thinker who helped reveal the physical impact of stress during the pandemic
October 2021
Bahar Tunçgenç

‘We’re all in this together’: Why our friends and family were the most powerful driver in our pandemic behaviour

An international study of behaviour during the pandemic led by Dr Bahar Tunçgenç found people were far more likely to comply with the rules if their friends and family did
September 2021
Images of the 15 blog authors

From idea to demonstration of a materials macroscope: our seven-year journey

How 15 University of Nottingham research paper authors came together to deliver an interdisciplinary study of biomaterials
May 2021
Satellite weather image

Mathematicians are at frontline in the fight against Covid

Dr Dante Kalise talks about how supercomputers are transforming the ability of policy-makers to predict complex challenges and make agile responses
March 2021
Gabriele Gradoni researcher at University of Nottingham

Making way for 5G and beyond

New wave modelling is helping roll out the next digital revolution
March 2021
Gold DNA helix

Gold label

The ability to attach electron-dense labels such as gold to antibodies is opening new vistas in scientific research.
February 2021
Surgeons performing brain surgery

Reducing neurosurgical infections worldwide

By impregnating devices used in brain operations and procedures with antibiotics, Roger Bayston has helped save lives and improve outcomes for countless patients
January 2021
Denise McLean

Making research happen

Senior technician Denise McLean finds time to inspire young people, raise the profile of women in science and celebrate the Caribbean community.
August 2019
smallest periodic table in the world

Small is beautiful

Periodic table with a difference: marking 150 years and the only living person with an element named after him
June 2019
Abstract image of a guitar

Quantum physics, metal and me

The ‘Iron Maiden’ compound is an especially energetic form of the metal that has been the backdrop to many hours slaving over a scanning probe microscope.
June 2019
Heart rate

Pacemakers of the future

Envisioning a future where bulky pacemakers could be replaced with LED technology.
June 2019
Image of gold

Gold’s devastating price

Illegal gold mining is destroying the Atrato river basin in Colombia. Dr Nick Mount is part of a multi-national team trying to reduce the impact of this environmental disaster
June 2019
Sir Martyn Poliakoff

Spotlight on a YouTube phenomenon

The Periodic Table of Videos: sharing science with over 200 million viewers
June 2019
A letter from Tom Lehrer

Why the periodic table makes my heart sing

Roger Highfield of the Science Museum Group on the elemental joy of songwriter Tom Lehrer’s witty classic.
June 2019
Fluoride crystals

Fascinating fluorine

Green chemistry advances could reduce the lengthy process to create new drugs to just two steps
June 2019
Silk roads

The story of glass

How studying the chemical composition of ancient glass objects reveals a hidden past
June 2019
Periodic table

Turning the table

Sir Martyn Poliakoff, periodic table, experimental
June 2019

Reducing salt in our food

How the SmartSalt project seeks to reduce salt levels in food
June 2019
Picture of helium

A sustainable approach to ‘slippery’ gas

Technician Sanjeev Taak on how his work helps to keep low temperature research going for as long as possible
June 2019
A piece of machinery

A quantum leap

Pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing
June 2019
Durian fruit

Smelly sulfur’s surprising secrets

How hydrogen sulfide plays a key role in protecting blood vessel function
June 2019
Image of pills

Laser-guided drug delivery

Cell Culture Technician Kerry Setchfield on using iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles to transport drugs to individual stem cells with pinpoint accuracy
June 2019
Animal cells

Unique techniques reducing animal experiments

How technician Nicola De Vivo uses caesium to help steer away from the use of animal cells
June 2019
Image of spanner in use

Can you use spanners?

Sir Martyn Poliakoff’s refreshing approach to education has inspired many in the broader scientific community and beyond
June 2019
Sir Martyn Poliakoff

In his element

Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff has led the way in discovering processes to help secure a cleaner and more sustainable future.
June 2019
A chicken

Fighting infection without antibiotics

A new way to treat one of the world’s most common bacterial infections without the use of antibiotics.
June 2019
DNA palm held sequencer

DNA sequencing

Dr Matt Loose is delivering world-leading insights into DNA using a palm-held sequencer with a power that belies its size.
June 2018

Web wonders

Geneticist Dr Sara Goodacre explains why the residents of the University of Nottingham’s SpiderLab are so intriguing
June 2018