WasteNott — the plastics challenge
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Our targets

You've told us you want to see change, and how you can help us achieve it.

Using your feedback, we've shaped a number of targets that we can all get involved with.


hot drink cups 220x138

Reducing hot drink cups

plastic bottles 220x138

Reducing plastic bottles

straws cutlery 220x138

Reducing straws and cutlery



the challenge infographic

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In 2017-18, we used:

  • 1.1million hot drink cups
  • 1m+ plastic bottles

Our targets on campus:

  • Reduce hot drink cups by 50% by August 2020
  • Cut plastic bottle waste by 30% by August 2020
  • Remove plastic straws from our catering outlets (unless needed for disability purposes)
  • Explore ways to reduce plastic cutlery usage

To help this happen, we’re:

  • Installing new water fountains on campus
  • Introducing a levy on disposable hot drinks cups (with proceeds reinvested in waste reduction initiatives)
  • Giving a discount if you bring your own cup 
  • Selling reusable hot drink cups at our catering outlets
  • Replacing plastic straws with paper ones (bendy straws available on request)


Sustainability Team

Estate Office
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

email: sustainability@nottingham.ac.uk