WasteNott — the plastics challenge
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Reducing plastic bottles

More than 1 million plastic bottles are thrown each year at the University of Nottingham. Get involved and help make a difference. 


Our aim is to reduce the amount of plastic bottles binned by 30% by August 2020, across our UK campuses.

A number of public use fountains are available across our UK campuses — and we’ve ordered several further water fountains to be installed during the 2019/20 academic year.

Find a fountain.



Why get involved?

We currently throw away a huge amount of single-use plastic across our UK campuses — including many plastic drinks bottles which are used once then thrown away.

You’ve told us you want to change that. In the recent survey:

  • A quarter of you asked for more water fountains as a top priority, to make it easier to refill bottles
  • 98% of you pledged to refill drinks bottles instead of using them once 

Read more about the survey



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