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Productivity through innovation

Productivity through innovation

Productivity through innovation is a three-year programme (2019 – 2022) which helps businesses to access funded support to improve their performance through better productivity. 

The programme has been developed in partnership with the universities of Derby and Nottingham Trent and will provide funding to help you access our postgraduate students to work on projects to improve your productivity. 


How it works

If you’re eligible to take part, we’ll undertake a rigorous diagnostic review to help you understand your productivity challenges and identify opportunities to improve your performance. 

If we identity a suitable project, you can access our talented postgraduate students, to work directly in your business, for a customised programme with up to 200 hours of support.  

How to apply

The programme is open to small and medium sized enterprises in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. You’ll need to have a clear productivity challenge. Only applications which meet the minimum criteria will be eligible to proceed to the diagnostic stage.   

To find out more about eligibility and the process, contact our team on ppnenquiries@nottingham.ac.uk