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Bioengineering the next global industrial revolution...
remaking the building blocks of the modern economy

The world economy produces goods in enormous quantities. Many of the materials that make these goods are manufactured inefficiently, unsustainably and unimaginatively. We believe the next global industrial revolution will be driven by a step change in the creation of these materials. There will be significant economic rewards for those countries and companies pushing the boundaries of biotechnology.

Bringing together our world-leading expertise in synthetic and computational biology, the Green Chemicals beacon is harnessing the power of the genome, reprogramming microorganisms to transform materials at a cellular level. With our extraordinary track-record of industrial collaboration, we are creating a cutting-edge biotechnology platform that will unleash economic potential for our partners and governments. We are already seeing transformational impacts on the agriculture, industry and health sectors.

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Securing the low carbon bioeconomy of the future

Today, many products are manufactured from fossil reserves using energy-intensive technologies.

We are spearheading the transformation of energy-intensive economies into low-carbon societies; where, in the age of the genome, many products will stem from microbial cell factories. We will pioneer in this field, utilising our world-leading expertise in metabolic engineering, process development and sustainable chemistry to generate economic efficiencies that culminate in real environmental benefits towards a sustainable future.

Discover how we are investing in robots to turbo-charge our world leading synthetic biology research.

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Seeing the bigger picture

Smarter and more sustainable from atoms to products.

The breadth of scientific perspective unique to the University of Nottingham will enable us to drive technological change throughout the entire value chain. Our innovative, whole-system approach will not only offer economic benefits for business, but will unlock opportunities to offer elegant solutions to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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