4 Locating high-enthalpy geothermal fields
Energy from sources other than fossil and nuclear fuels is to a large extent free of the concerns about environmental effects and renewability that characterise those two sources. Each alternative source supplies energy continually, whether or not we use it. This unit considers one of these alternative sources, geothermal energy derived from the interior heat of the Earth, and the potential for this alternative to supplant fossil and nuclear fuel use to power social needs fast enough to avoid t
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Development of an Inexpensive Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV), Mountain Lake Virginia
This workshop details the physical description and use of a small ROV submarine, built in 2004 to explore and video bottom features at Mountain Lake, Giles County, Virginia. This project represents an ongoing co-operative effort between the Wilderness Conservancy at Mountain Lake, Roanoke College and Virginia Polytechnic Institute as academic partners. Mountain Lake is the only natural lake in the southern Appalachian Highlands. It is a low nutrient, high altitude, sub-alpine lake and associated
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Diversity Intervention for Health Educators

Salma Ismail