Virtual Maths - Shapes, Space and Measure, Theodolite Survey simulation
Simulation of using a thodolite to calculate the height of a building.
Author(s): Leeds Metropolitan University

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Secession, State, and Liberty

Secession, State, and Liberty edited by David Gordon
Author(s): Chad

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Conflict-Related Sexual Violence: the politics of the UN Security Council's approach to the protecti
Speaker(s): Professor Anne Marie Goetz | Editor's note: The question and answer session has been removed from this podcast. Sexual violence has been deployed strategically in a wide range of conflicts, and though long recognized as an unlawful tactic of warfare, it has only relatively recently attracted the political focus and operational responses accorded to other violations of civilian rights. This lecture will provide a history of the policy processes leading to the Security Council resoluti
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4.341 Introduction to Photography (MIT)
This course combines practical instruction, field trips, group discussions, and individual reviews intended to foster a critical awareness of how images in our culture are produced and constructed. Student-initiated term projects are at the core of this exploration of the relationship of image to language and issues of interpretation and personal history. Besides, this course also offers practical instruction in basic black and white techniques, digital imaging, fundamentals of camera operation,
Author(s): Leist, Reiner

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