Vanderbilt has happiest students again, according to 2017 ‘Princeton Review’ best colleges ranki
The 2017 "Princeton Review" survey asked nearly 140,000 students at hundreds of the nation’s top colleges to rate their schools in more than 60 areas.
Author(s): Amy Wolf

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18.969 Topics in Geometry: Mirror Symmetry (MIT)
This course will focus on various aspects of mirror symmetry. It is aimed at students who already have some basic knowledge in symplectic and complex geometry (18.966, or equivalent). The geometric concepts needed to formulate various mathematical versions of mirror symmetry will be introduced along the way, in variable levels of detail and rigor.
Author(s): Auroux, Denis

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3.2 Converting to a percentage

Fractions and decimals can also be converted to percentages, by multiplying by 100%.

So, for example, 0.17, 0.3 and can be expressed as percentages as follows:

  0.17 × 100% = 17%;

  0.3 × 100% = 30%;

  Author(s): The Open University

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5 Example of a straightforward subtraction

In the example below of a straightforward subtraction, in every column the digit at the top of the column is bigger than the digit at the bottom. Click on each step in turn to see how to carry out the calculation.

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