Where next for public health in the era of austerity?
This event was the second in a series of master class lectures jointly staged by the University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University bringing together relevant senior figures and academics from across the city and surrounding region. The twenty-first century has seen a growth in political, environmental and economic insecurity in the context of global recession, population ageing and climate change. Responding to these threats involves rethinking how we work together, care for ourselves,
Author(s): Professor Paul Johnstone,Leeds Metropolitan Univer

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Assessing the Use of Advanced Daylight Simulation Modelling Tools in Enhancing the Student Learning
In architecture schools, where the ?studio culture? lies at the heart of students? learning, taught courses, particularly technology ones, are often seen as secondary or supplementary units. Successful delivery of such courses, where students can act effectively, be motivated and engaged, is a rather demanding task requiring careful planning and the use of various teaching styles. A recent challenge that faces architecture education today, and subsequently influences the way technology courses a
Author(s): Al-Maiyah, Sura and Hisham Elkadi

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