4 Concluding remarks

This unit has been about understanding the idea of psychological abnormality and its implications. What we have learned is that ‘normality’ is defined in a variety of ways, and it is important to ask what model of ‘normality’ is being subscribed to when looking at ‘abnormal’ populations. Are we judging someone's behaviour according to medical, statistical or social definitions of ‘normality’? The point of giving a detailed example like that of dyslexia is t
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Actividad 2
In this unit materials you will learn about the history of Spain and the important place of Arab and Jewish cultures in Spanish history. You will study a number of language points to help you talk about history and will write descriptive texts using a variety of stylistic devices.
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Episode 143: Radiation for the rest of us: The alpha, beta and gamma of atomic interaction

Physicist Dr Roger Rassool discusses the basic physics behind the radioactivity produced -- and sometimes leaked -- in the production of nuclear power. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.