Working with multiple artboards
Video Highlights: Watch how easy it is to bring your photos to life using customized pan and zoom motions that add drama or fun to your story. Automated options can even do the work of finding faces and zooming to them. Version 10.
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17.554 Political Economy of Latin America (MIT)
This class explores the politics of economic reform in Latin America. Topics addressed include: Dependency, Development, and Bureaucratic-Authoritarianism; The Political Consequences of Market-Oriented Reform in Venezuela; The Mexican Peso Crisis; Transitions from Authoritarian Rule in the Southern Cone; Civil-Military Relations; Limits of Democratization; Parties and Elections in Latin America; Religion, Political Mobilization, and Civil Society; and Revolution.
Author(s): Lawson, Chappell

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Procedures in Emergency Medicine: Intraosseous Access in a Child

Dr Almero Oosthuizen & Cape Town Emergency Medicine Registrars