17.918 New Global Agenda: Exploring 21st Century Challenges through Innovations in Information Techn
This workshop is designed to introduce students to different perspectives on international politics in the 21st century. Students will explore how advances in information technology are changing international relations and global governance through opening new channels of communication, creating new methods of education, and new potentials for democratization. We will consider the positive and negative externalities associated with applications of such technologies. Students will be encouraged t
Author(s): Choucri, Nazli

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Professor Patrick Duffy Inaugural Lecture: (Sport) Coaching: Blinded or blended in a changing world?
(Sport) Coaching: Blinded or blended in a changing world? Professor Duffy's research work focuses on policy and sport coaching, as well as applied work in sport-business transfer, which is part of a long-term project with Morrisons PLC. Patrick will address the policy and research backgrounds to developments in professional practice in this area. The traditional view of sport coaching as an emerging profession will be challenged, suggesting that sport coaching should position itself as a blended
Author(s): Patrick Duffy,Leeds Metropolitan University

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