4 Conclusion

  • Since its invention, modern sport has been closely linked to the mass media as a central part of popular culture.

  • The media have expanded the reach of sports audiences and helped populate and enrich professional sport.

  • Sport provides exciting content for the media through comprehensible narratives and modern heroes and celebrities.

  • The media are selective in their coverage of sport, demonstrating inequaliti
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IDS350 Session #14 Fall 2014
Gardens of California with Jerry Turney www.youtube.com/csuDHTV [Please subscribe] Gardens is a 14 week 3 unit college course for horticulturists, people who love gardening and those who are environmentally aware.
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"New Writing from the Balkans" (video)
ceeres logoReadings of original poetry and fiction by two leading South Slavic authors, Igor Štiks from Croatia and Aleš Debeljak from Slovenia, both of whom currently reside in Chicago. The readings are followed by a discussion of the creative atmosphere and trends in contemporary literature in Southeast Europe, with time devoted to the experience of writing away from one’s home country. Sp
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#264: Hormones in a hurry: Uneasy passages through puberty and adolescence

Psychiatrist and adolescent health specialist, Prof George Patton, discusses why puberty -- especially early puberty -- and adolescence can be so tough, but how most of us survive the journey. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.