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Resources for Staff, Students, and Visitors

If you have a granby account, follow these steps to set up your personal webpage:

  • Log into your granby account
  • if it does not yet exist, create the directory public_html
     $ mkdir public_html 
  • Go into the public_html directory and make the file index.html
    cd public_html
    emacs index.html 
  • write something in this file (preferrably html code) and close
  • By default, all pages created on granby are NOT readable by everyone. therefore you now have to make this file readable, AND the directories accessable.
    $ chmod a+r index.html
    $ cd ../
    $ chmod a+x public_html
    $ cd ../
    $ chmod a+x ppxxxx 
    Here, fill in your own account instead of ppxxxxx
  • Have a look at; your page should appear there
  • Don't forget to make each file you create readable and every directory you make accessable!

Instructions for using the PATT Linked Travel Grant

For: observational staff and postdocs

The PATT Linked Travel grant supports travel to PATT-approved telescopes telescopes for observational staff and postdocs. This should NOT be used to fund student travel without special permission.

For more information on how to book observing travel please visit this page.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation

Meghan Gray

October 2011