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New starters

Welcome to the School of Chemistry

Welcome to the School of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. On this New Starter page we've gathered together some important information that will enable you to prepare yourself for your First Week in the School of Chemistry at the University.

Before you arrive

Make sure that you follow the instructions on the University's New Starter pages before you arrive at the University. In the Before You Arrive section you will find links that will enable you to:

  • Start online registration
  • Activate your username and email 
  • Apply for university card
  • Book Accommodation
  • Complete Health Centre registration forms

Please make sure that you have completed all of these essential tasks before you arrive. 

Your First Week

Your First Week is always a busy time at the University, with registration, welcome talks and meetings to attend, and module entry to complete.

New students enrolled for:

  • F100 BSc Chemistry
  • F101 MSci Chemistry
  • F103 MSci Chemistry with an International Study Year
  • F105 MSci Chemistry with a Year in Industry
  • FC17 BSc Medicinal and Biological Chemistry
  • FC1R MSci Medicinal and Biological Chemistry
  • CF71  MSci Medicinal and Biological Chemistry with an Assessed Year in Industry

must attend the First Week activities listed in the School of Chemistry First Week Timetable.

The School of Chemistry First Week Timetable

In addition you should complete all of the activities listed on the University's Things to do in your first week pages.

The Students' Union and the University's various clubs and societies will also organise events during First Week.

By the end of the your First Week

By the end of the first week you should:

  • have completed the registration procedures in the University and the School of Chemistry
  • have met with your Personal Tutor in the School of Chemistry 
  • received information about how to choose your optional modules and to submit your module entry form

Your teaching timetable will be finalised shortly after First Week once you have been enrolled onto your optional modules. 

Reading Lists

You don't have to buy or read course text books before you start your course and you may wish to sample textbooks from the library before deciding which textbooks are right for you. However, we do have a set of recommended textbooks for core modules in Chemistry that can be purchased as a textbook bundle through Blackwell's at the University of Nottingham. This textbook bundle may be pre-ordered before you arrive in Nottingham and be collected during First Week in the School of Chemistry. The bundle contains the recommended text books for core modules in Chemistry in all years of study. More details may be found here.

You may also wish to consider a molecular modelling kit. These kits are not compulsory but some students may find them useful in helping them to visualise molecules. More details may be found here.

Laboratory Coats and Safety Glasses

You will be provided with a laboratory coat and safety glasses during your first weeks at the University of Nottingham. You should not bring your own.

If you have questions:

Please email if you have any questions about First Week in The School of Chemistry.


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