Collaboration on Diagnosis of Emerging Viruses
University of Nottingham
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The BBSRC India Partnering Award Collaboration on Diagnosis of Emerging Viruses (CoDEV) project has the following objectives:

  • Organise exchange visits of Indian and UK investigators to engage in scientific discussions to explore opportunities for establishing long-term, highly productive research collaborations
  • Knowledge transfer: Organize scientific meetings and workshops to exchange results and ideas generated from research in India and in the UK
  • Create a research network of UK and Indian researchers with complementary expertise in emerging viral disease diagnosis by establishing bilateral and multilateral contacts through meetings, research activities and internet-based networking tools
  • Link and integrate new and existing research projects
  • Develop avenues for UK and Indian scientists to prioritise, co-ordinate and plan future research including joint grant submissions
  • Technology transfer: Establish an avenue for exchange of tools, materials (including reagents and samples) and protocols, which may include the use of facilities in a partner institute

 The four centres at the core of the collaboration:




CoDEV - Collaboration on Diagnosis of Emerging Diseases