Cultural Translation: In Theory and as Practice

Conference Programme

University of Nottingham, 18th May 2016, 09:30 – 17:30




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Keynote speaker: Anthony Pym

Location: Hallward Screening Room




Panel A1 – Introduction to cultural   translation

  • Dr   Sarah Maitland, Goldsmiths, University of London (UK): A   definition of cultural translation
  • Elena   Gerola West (PhD), University of Bristol (UK):Narrowing   the gap between cultural translation and translation studies by enlarging the   field(s): translation and literacy
  • Klaus   Mundt (PhD), University of Nottingham (UK): Do   talk to strangers: facilitating awareness, understanding and expression in   cultural translation

Panel A2 – Translation, identity and   ideology

  • Dr   Carmen Camus Camus, University of Cantabria (Spain): Cultural   translation in ideology bound contexts. A   Vindication of the Rights of Woman: the awaited right to be published in   Spain 
  • Eva   Spisiakova (PhD), University of Edinburgh (UK): Fair   Youth behind the Iron Curtain: Queer theory and Czechoslovak sonnet   translations 
  • Dr Emilia di Martino, Università Suor   Orsola Benincasa (Italy): Literary sociolinguistics, translation   and identity: White Teeth’s   pluralanguaging across cultures




Panel B1 – Lawrence Venuti and the   ethics of translation

  • Alshaymaa   Alharbi (PhD), University of Leicester (UK): Foreignisation   and Domestication in Translation of Neologisms and Idioms in Harry Potter   Series into Arabic 
  • Joseph   Lambert (PhD), University of Hull (UK):The   ethics of self-interest: building upon evolving notions of ethics in the work   of Lawrence Venuti 
  • Martyn   Gray (PhD), University of Nottingham (UK): Examining   the “invisible”: how are translations reviewed in the United Kingdom?

Panel B2 – Cultural translation and  East Asia

  • Dr   Shiamin Kwa, Bryn Mawr College (USA): Contact   Zone and Mother Tongue in Wong Kar-wai’s Days   of Being Wild 
  • Lianda   Liang (PhD), University of Nottingham (UK): Relevance   theory and poetry translation: translating the visual and onomatopoeic in   Chinese poems into English 
  • Wangtaolue   Guo (MA), Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong): Diaspora,   Bilingualism, and Cultural Hybridity: a case study of Ha Jin’s Under the Red Flag




Panel C1 – Linguistic variation and   other linguistic phenomena in translation


  • Callum   Walker (PhD), University College London (UK): Analysing   Culture-bound Stylistic Language Varieties: An Eye-tracking Experiment 
  • Dr   Laia Darder, Sheffield Hallam University (UK): Breaking   up the sameness: the case of translation of variation from an ethnical   perspective 
  • Shuyin   Zhang (PhD), University College London (UK): Cultural   transfer in the English translations of Cao Xueqin’s Hongloumeng: procedures for the translation of metaphor and   simile 
  • Paulina   Burczynska (PhD), University of Manchester (UK): ‘It’s   always nice to see you, Watson.’ An intercultural approach to the study of   multimodal irony in the subtitled text

Panel C2 – Cultural translation in   theory and practice: dissemination, reception & untranslatability

  • Dr   Alessia Castagnino, University of the Republic of San Marino (San Marino): Theories   and Practices of Translation in the Long Italian Eighteenth Century 
  • Baslam   Mustafa (PhD), University of Birmingham (UK): Rethinking   translation in the age of internet-enabled media: the case study of Islamic   State 
  • Margrethe   Stuttaford (PhD), University of Leicester (UK): Untranslatability   in versions of Pippi Longstocking?



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