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Latest on the Student Life blog

Hang-out spots at University Park

If you start University this month, your YouTube feed is probably full of university and campus vlogs. One of the most recurring mentions you might find is the University Park Campus. There are over 30,000 students at our University, and University Park Campus is almost big enough to accommodate ALL of us. If you’re a ...

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Food Shopping at Nottingham

For a university student, food is always an interesting topic of conversation to have. From what I hear, catered student accommodations take good care of the students’ nutrition needs by providing cooked meals and also allowing students to buy food on campus with their weekly top-ups. They seemed tempting to me because they would help ...

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You should make your accommodation feel homely

Irrespective of how glorious our freedom might seem after the big move to university, home is the place where we feel most comfortable. This is probably why we find ourselves grabbing photo frames and other silly items of attachment that make us feel homely, with warmth even while we’re far away. As an international student, ...

The post You should make your accommodation feel homely appeared first on Student life.