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If you are moving into University accommodation this year, don't forget that the deadline for deposits is Thursday 5 September.

University accommodation includes:

  • Broadgate Park
  • Albion House
  • Lenton & Wortley Hall
  • Cripps Hall
  • Lincoln Hall
  • Hugh Stewart Hall
  • Derby Hall
  • Cavendish Hall
  • Florence Boot Hall
  • Willoughby Hall
  • Nightingale Hall
  • Rutland Hall
  • Ancaster Hall
  • Sherwood Hall
  • Beeston Hall
  • Newark Hall
  • Southwell Hall

Deposits are £250 (plus a damage deposit of £250 for those staying at Broadgate Park) and should preferably be paid via the MyNottingham Web Application. However, it's also possible to pay via bank transfer.

If you are staying at Bonington Student Village, Riverside, Raleigh Park, St Peter's Court or any other facility not owned by the University, you will need to contact your accommodation provider directly.

To find out more about paying your accommodation fees, including how to pay via bank transfer, visit the Accommodation webpages.

We're looking forward to welcoming you to your new home in a few weeks!

Making accommodation payments using MyNottingham

If you're having difficulties paying for your accommodation charges on MyNottingham, the following may help.

  1. £250 advance payments can be made against any unpaid accommodation charge in your account
  2. If you are having issues paying via your mobile phone, please try on a computer
  3. If there are no charges showing, you can still make a payment. From the Finance landing page, click 'Pay Amount Due' > click on the green 'Select' button > key in the amount you wish to pay > click 'calculate grand total' > click 'next' to proceed to the payment screen > choose a payment method.
    Please note, if you are not taken through to the payment screen, please make payment by bank transfer or by telephoning the Finance Office on +44 (0) 115 84 66800.
Posted on Tuesday 3rd September 2019

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