Engaging digitally

At the University of Nottingham we are making fundamental changes to how we engage with our students, staff and partners, because our future depends on it.

Our graduates are tomorrow’s health crusaders, wealth creators and law reformers. They are our virologists, environmentalists and world leaders. They are our breakout artists, inventors, and tech entrepreneurs.

To continue to attract the brightest, best and most brilliant to our university, we must create irresistible customer journeys and exceptional user experiences before, during and after their time with us.

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Programme roadmap

Re-imagining the student recruitment journey

For our future students, we envision exceptional, contextual, connected, automated, seamless, omnichannel, hyper-personalised engagements. From the moment the University of Nottingham first enters their consciousness, to the day we welcome them onto one of our beautiful campuses.

Whether on our website, or our mobile app. Connecting with our lecturers, or an AI bot. This is about delivering remarkable experiences at every touch point, through every channel.

Developing competitive capabilities

With our new skills, insights and platforms we will deliver services, experiences and engagements that make us stand out from the crowd. But transforming the student recruitment experience is only the first step.


Future fit

By investing now in our people, processes and technology, we are creating a future-fit capability. One that can be deployed to differentiate, improve and enhance experiences for our staff, students, alumni, researchers, publics, partners and policy makers.

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Bringing together experts of CX

Our roadmap to engaging digitally combines our people, processes and technology with experience experts Adobe, Microsoft and Accenture.

This creative collaboration will see us harness the power of data and empower our people to design the powerful customer experiences that will ignite our vision for Digital Engagement.

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