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Physics EDI Colloquium - Transforming EDI practices in STEM: recruitment, recognition and career reward

B1 Physics Building, Online - 365 Teams Meeting
Wednesday 22nd June 2022 (14:00-15:00)
Clare Burrage

In this year's School of Physics and Astronomy EDI Colloquium, Professor Louise Mullany will detail key findings from the recent STEMM Change EPSRC 'Inclusion Matters' project (2018-2021), where we have researched equality, diversity and inclusion from a communications perspective. Louise begins by focusing on the language of unconscious bias and exclusion in recruitment language, as well as in promotions practices in STEMM disciplines in HEIs and industry. A set of practical recommendations will be presented as key tools for moving forward as we actively attempt to bring more diversity and inclusion into STEMM. Louise will then move on to examine the problematic role of social media platforms as public engagement sites and consider the role that this can play in hampering career recognition and reward due to racism, sexism and other forms of abuse from members of the public. I will also outline recommendations for interacting on such sites in future, to attempt to ensure more protection for staff when engaging with anonymized global audiences.

There will be refreshments available after the colloquium from 3 - 4pm in B23, Physics Building. 

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