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The GRACE community enables you to connect and share with your peers in industry.


We use the InnovateUK network platform for our community. Please join us using the following link which will take to the Innovate UK sub group we have "GRACE - GNSS Research and Testing" group.

By joining our community, you can keep up to date with all the latest, relevant news and events, whilst getting involved in hot topics of discussion with a range of academics, researchers and industry experts.  It also allows you to access information on development opportunities, potential projects for academia and industry as well as financing sources.

By visiting the GRACE and NGI websites and joining the community you can access resources for:

  • business incubation,
  • consultancy,
  • training services,
  • technical data,
  • papers,
  • presentations,
  • white papers,
  • market reports on LBS and GNSS business, including financial analysis,
  • business model discussions

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