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GODAN farming  challenge

GODAN Local Farming Challenge 2017

Local farming solutions for growing cities (using open data)

The GODAN Local Farming Challenge is part of NASA World Wind Europa Challenge.

The aim of GODAN Challenge is to bring together researchers and students to find solutions for local farming in growing cities using open agriculture and nutrition data.

Participants must use some aspect of OpenCitySmart design and use NASA's open source virtual globe technology, WebWorldWind as a source of open data. The aim is to work towards the goal of zero hunger.

Ideas for using open data may include:

  • Ways to link local farming communities directly to potential customers
  • Tools for visualising spatio-temporal aspects of local farming
  • Tools for helping reduce food wastage (e.g. links with local food banks)

Or any other solution to help one in nine of the world's population be free from hunger.

  • Registration is open now
  • Closing date: 8 August 2017
  • Prize: EUR 1,000 for the winning team and certificates from NASA and GODAN

For further information on the competition, visit

For further information on GODAN, visit

Posted on Thursday 4th May 2017


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