Project deliverables

The key project deliverable is the 'Strategic ICT' toolkit which will is available on this website and through integration into the LFHE Leadership Development Programmes

The SICT toolkit itself is structured to provide flexible access across three key areas. These are illustrated below:

Strategic ICT Toolkit Structure
Figure 1 - Strategic ICT Toolkit Structure
  • A knowledge base of information that provides awareness of the factors that impact and influence an institution’s strategic use of ICT and ultimately therefore, the value that is gained from its deployment. We have identified these areas as key 'enablers' of strategic ICT
  • A set of case studies drawn from institutions within the HE sector with models of operational, strategic and transformational maturity. They illustrate the different context set by institutions for ICT to provide operational, strategic or transformational support. The University of Nottingham, who completed this project, undertook research, during early 2010, with 20 institutions from across the UK HE sector
  • A self analysis framework that uses a structured method to measure an institution's current maturity and guides the analysis of alternative approaches to maturing strategic ICT. By careful exploration and consideration with management, as appropriate for the scope and objectives an institution chooses to address, an institution will be able to inform the business case for improving strategic ICT