2.2 The challenges that strategic ICT needs to address

A university's corporate strategy is the blueprint for its current and future business. Part of the formulation and implementation of ICT strategy is to ensure that the foundations on which ICT is delivered are sufficient to facilitate the level of ICT that will meet those corporate objectives. In considering this it is important to be aware of the challenges that today's institutions face. These typically include:

  • The institution lacks agility and is unable to meet strategic demands within appropriate timeframes
  • Business processes, systems, information and resources lack integration and are less efficient and cost effective
  • Business process are duplicated reducing efficiency
  • Data exists in 'silos'. Without integration data is frequently rekeyed, duplicated and misaligned. Information is sometimes known to be inaccurate and unreliable
  • Timely and accurate management information is unavailable impacting on effective decision making
  • Meeting new regulatory or reporting requirements is a major effort
  • Lack of rationalisation and integration causes staff and students to contend with unnecessary duplication and complexities

These challenges sometimes led to senior management being unable to identify where and if the institution gets good value from investment in ICT systems.