2.7 Communications & Engagement

2.7.1 Introduction

' ..the ICT strategy needs to support the business strategy - that's absolutely true, however the ICT strategy can also help inform and drive the overall strategy and we've got some examples of that as well.'

Communications and the sharing of knowledge are already part of the culture and an asset within UK HE.

However, with ICT embedded across an institution its strategic planning and implementation presents additional communication challenges. An institution's history, culture and ambitions help model its unique profile and this must be understood and embraced within its communications and ICT governance in order to realise successful institutional alignment.

Now consider these key questions:

  • How does the senior management team perceive ICT within your institution and what do they believe to be their key imperatives in relation to ICT related business?
  • What is the reputed role and contribution of ICT across your institution?
  • How can senior decision makers be supported and encouraged in contributing to the use of strategic ICT?
  • How can ICT best engage with and develop more collaborative and 'service' oriented relationships?