2.5 ICT Services

2.5.1 Introduction

'Often people ask for systems when they actually want services.'

The role of ICT Services and its relationship with its enterprise wide institution is highly influential in the quality of and success of institutional ICT. Historically ICT services are often, though not in all cases, associated with an institution's infrastructure and seen from the institutional perspective as responsible for the technical delivery of ICT. However, in order to support an institution in realising its business objectives, by delivering strategic ICT that is aligned and integrated with institutional strategy; ICT services must also align itself to the institution. This includes the 'hard' interfaces involving for example governance, as well as the 'softer' interfaces such as communications and engagement.

Now consider these key questions:

  • Does your institution have a senior manager with overall management responsibility, understanding and awareness of all strategic business requirements for ICT?
  • Can you map the communications and reporting lines from all sources of ICT to the senior management team?
  • How effective is the path to and frequency of support and reporting of ICT to the senior management team?
  • Centralised or devolved ICT. Which is the best approach for your organisational structure and why?