2.4.7 How can a Chief Information Officer (CIO) help?

The role of the CIO provides a critical interface between the business and ICT. The appointment of a CIO, or recognition of an equivalent senior manager acting in this role, reinforces an institution's and the Senior Management teams' commitment to technology.

The differentiating characteristic of a CIO is the ability and enthusiasm to work with and through the wider community of institutional management to realise institutional objectives. They are able to focus and mobilise technology to meet institutional strategy whether that be transformational, strategic or operational.

The role is pivotal in both strategic planning and the management and implementation of ICT solutions. Using strong governance and management, more harmonised communications and awareness of ICT, a CIO is able to increase institutional confidence in ICT and create a more agile and responsive ICT capability.

More information is available on the CIO in A Framework for the CIO Position (EDUCAUSE Review)7 and in, ICT Services, the role of the CIO, Section 2.5.2.