6.2 How we analyse ICT strategy savvy

The knowledge base within the ICT Toolkit documents the key enablers and good practice that are the foundations of mature strategic ICT within any institution. Whilst recognising that the profile of any institution is unique and the management roles are specific, the knowledge base provides a source of information and good practice that is relevant in considering ICT strategy savvy.

In order to assess how ICT strategy savvy you are a self-analysis questionnaire uses the perspective of your disposition to and engagement with strategic ICT in the context of your role.

The questionnaire focuses on the following key areas:

Role The role defines the institutional context
Opportunities This illustrates your exposure and opportunities to be involved and contribute to strategic ICT
Awareness Your awareness of the key factors that influence strategic maturity
Commitment Your commitment and actions in supporting strategic maturity
Effective qualities Your effectiveness in deploying the personal qualities necessary in developing more strategic ICT maturity
Communications and engagement Your relevant communications and engagement within your domain and the institution
Empowerment Your personal empowerment from ICT and your attention to your users empowerment
Impact Your actions that impact on the institution's strategic ICT

In addition to your answers you are able to record evidence to support your response as text or a hyperlink. This is designed to assist you in compiling relevant materials to support the project improvement process.

The steps to complete a self-analysis are:

  1. Download the ICT Strategy Savvy spreadsheet
  2. Select the worksheet appropriate for your personal role
  3. Complete the selected worksheet questionnaire
  4. The self-analysis will be generated on the worksheet, under your questionnaire
  5. Print and save your worksheet for future reference
  6. Examine the self-analysis in conjunction with Section 2, the Knowledge Base - Making Strategic ICT work for your Institution
  7. Document and review your self-analysis to identify actions for improvement if appropriate