6.3.2 Heads of Department

  Answer the questions for the 'domain' that your scope of strategic involvement covers. E.g. Institution or department and enter below
Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral/Don't know Agree Strongly Agree Evidence
  Opportunities to contribute to strategic ICT            See section 6.1 within the toolkit knowledge base for help regarding this sections.
1 My role includes the overall responsibility or management of business processes, systems or services            
2 My role includes the opportunities to influence business change and identify business improvements            
3 My role influences the formulation of the institutional strategy or sub strategies            
4 My role includes communications and engagement to support the formulation of the appropriate ICT strategy             
5 My role includes the support and briefing of the senior management team in appropriate strategic issues            
  Awareness of strategic ICT            
6 I understand why and how the institution seeks to align and integrate its institutional and ICT strategies            
7 I can articulate the ICT governance arrangements            
8 I can articulate the strategy & targets for business process improvement, standardisation and integration            
9 I only support business cases that include well considered institutional and ICT strategy with justified investment and documented responsibilities and accountability            
  Commitment to integrating ICT with institutional strategy            
10 I attend briefings on the implications and opportunities for ICT within the institution and industry            
11 I participate in business strategy discussions and give consideration to the implications and opportunities for ICT            
12 I participate in the formulation of ICT strategy within the confines of ICT governance arrangements            
13 I  have clear and documented responsibilities and accountabilities for achieving strategies that deploy ICT            
14 I can articulate the respective roles and responsibilities of  institutional and ICT management in managing existing systems and implementing new services to achieve improved business benefits              
15 I encourage staff commitment to strategic ICT through their involvement, assigned responsibilities and training            
  Assess your personal effectiveness against those qualities that support the development of institutionally aligned strategic ICT:            
16 A visionary in my field able to contribute to the strategic development  of the institution            
17 A resourceful manager able to contribute to the operational development  within appropriate areas of the institution            
18 Strong leadership ability, able to incorporate policy with operational demands and balance the needs of institutional strategy with departmental priorities             
19 Strong management ability that combines business experience and knowledge with an awareness of ICT and a willingness to explore its most effective deployment against institutional strategies             
20 Strong communication skills with the ability to lead, contribute or facilitate at all levels within the institution and ultimately obtain commitment and buy-in             
21 Strong ability to form alliances and build relationships, internally and external to the institution            
22 Strong ability to work collaboratively and effectively with staff and management across the institution            
23 Logical thinker who is flexible, receptive to other people's views and can make difficult decisions in the best interests of the institution             
24 I use computing facilities extensively for personal activities such as social networking and on-line services            
25 I use computing facilities extensively in my working environment for services such as communications, professional networking and information management            
26 I am an advanced user of computing facilities, methods  and tools as an integral part of my role and responsibilities            
  Communicating & engaging in strategic ICT             
27 I support strategic planning and its alignment institutionally and with ICT strategy            
28 I support on-going communications and collaboration between ICT and the wider institution to enable the formulation of strategic ICT             
29 My leadership and collaborative approach empowers staff to actively contribute to strategic ICT            
30 My staff acknowledge the value of and feel empowered by the use of ICT             
31 My departmental staff engage positively with ICT Services as part of business and process improvement programmes            
  User empowerment from ICT            
32 I have confidence in the reliability and quality of ICT            
33 The quality and portfolio of services provided by ICT Services meet institutional requirements            
34 I monitor and take appropriate action as a result of the users confidence in, and performance of, ICT            
  Impact and improvement            
35 I support compliance with ICT governance that includes strong ICT principles. Examples of such principles may be relating to enterprise systems and exceptions, application portfolios and information ownership and management            
36 I support business process improvement as a stage in establishing clear and improved business requirements prior to the sourcing of systems or services            
37 I support the role and delivery of innovation as part of business improvements that may include ICT            
38 I require post-implementation reviews and disseminate  lessons learnt amongst relevant parties in order to improve future performance            
  Identify any personal actions that may enhance your opportunities to contribute to strategic ICT            
39 Identify any desired personal development requirements            
40 Identify any personal untapped competencies or opportunities to contribute to improving strategic ICT