6.4.2 Awareness

What can we understand from your profile of awareness?

Your score reflects whether you feel you have sufficient awareness to enable a contribution to strategic ICT.

Now consider these key questions and points:

  • What is your perceived value of ICT based on, could it be improved and how?
  • Do you feel sufficiently informed to adddress the opportunities and challenges of supporting the development of more strategic ICT? Identify experiences and issues that are relevant
  • Consider your role and the need to brief and be briefed by others in the areas of integrated ICT. Would a greater personal understanding of ICT, in appropriate and relevant business terms, benefit your efforts? Identify experiences and issues in being briefed or briefing others
  • Could the communications channels,activities and timescales for sharing knowledge be improved
  • Consider your awareness and compliance with ICT governance. Do you believe that improvements could be made in the process or communications of governance and if so how and why?

What would you change and how is it justified?