6.5 Summarising your findings and the way forward

Having considered your profile and examined the areas that are most relevant to you it can be useful to document your way forward in the following way:

  1. What can I learn about my current situation from this self-analysis?
  2. What can I take forward and apply to my own activities
  3. What can I share and apply to my activities with others
  4. What can I share and propose as changes for a way forward with others.

More information is available within the toolkit knowledge base and from the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.

In addition, details of courses that support senior management are available at The Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, Supporting Individual Leaders29.

The LFHE courses for senior leaders include:

  • The Agile University
  • Senior Strategic Leadership, Leading in Challenging Times
  • Preparing for Senior Strategic Leadership, Meeting the Challenge
  • Future leaders Programme
  • Head of Department Programme, Making Change Happen