5.3.5 Self-assessment for Communications and Engagement

This section contains the self-assessment questionnaire for communications and engagement. The questionnaire asks a number of questions to ascertain:

'how strongly is the institution deploying its communications and engagement techniques to support the formulation and implementation of ICT strategy that is aligned to the institution strategy?'

  Answer the questions for the 'domain' that you are analysing
e.g. Institution, Business Services
Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Don't Know or N/A Strongly Agree Evidence for your response
1 The Senior Management Team (SMT) communicates ICT issues effectively to all members of the management team.           See section 2.7 within the toolkit knowledge base for help regarding this question.
2 The Senior Management Team (SMT) promotes the value and governance of ICT.            
3 ICT strategy is visible and clearly communicated across the institution to all personnel responsible for its deployment.            
4 The Chief Information Officer (CIO), or equivalent senior ICT manager, is a visible and active advocate for ICT & strategic planning            
5 All institutional senior management clearly take ownership of their responsibilities and accountability in planning and implementing new solutions involving ICT.            
6 ICT services communicate well with their 'customers' , as appropriate for the delivery of customer services.            
7 Institutional management communicate well with ICT services in their role as the 'customer' of ICT services.            
8 Good communications have ensured:            
a Business requirements are clearly understood.            
b Strategy  communications and decisions benefit the institution rather than the individual, academic or professional departments.            
c ICT solutions meet specific business requirement.            
d ICT solutions meet strategic institutional need.            
e Projects and services are measured for success against pre-determined success and performance criteria.