5.3.7 Self-assessment for Enterprise Architecture (EA)

This section contains the self-assessment questionnaire for Enterprise Architecture. The questionnaire asks a number of questions to ascertain:

'if and how the institution has developed the use of EA?'

  Answer the questions for the 'domain' that you are analysing e.g. Institution, Professional services Strongly Disagree Disagree Don't Know or N/A Agree Strongly Agree Evidence for your response
1 The Senior Management Team (SMT), excluding members who are ICT professionals, have an awareness of Enterprise Architecture (EA).           See section 2.9 within the toolkit knowledge base for help regarding this question.
2 The  Senior Management Team (SMT) have a commitment to the use of Enterprise Architecture (EA).            
3 ICT Services have a commitment to the use of Enterprise Architecture (EA).            
4 Devolved  ICT services have a commitment to Enterprise Architecture (EA).            
5 Institutional management have a commitment to using Enterprise Architecture (EA).            
6 The institution has a, 'development without architecture', exception policy.            
7 The institution employs ICT professionals with Enterprise Architecture (EA) experience.            
8 The institution is training its ICT professionals in Enterprise Architecture (EA).            
9 The institution is deploying Enterprise Architecture (EA) on a cross institution architecture initiative, top down.            
10 The institution is deploying Enterprise Architecture (EA) on multiple projects, bottom up.            
11 The institutional experience and capability in Enterprise Architecture (EA) is adequate to meet our current needs.            
12 The institution is active in Enterprise Architecture (EA) professional practice groups.            
13 Projects deploying Enterprise Architecture (EA) have achieved benefits in.            
a Cost reductions            
b Business process improvements            
c Rationalised & improved data management            
d Increased sharing of services            
e Transparency of ICT landscape to aid institutional agility            
f Transformational change            
14 Success criteria and performance measurement for the benefits of Enterprise Architecture (EA) are being used and are visible.