5.3.4 Self-assessment for ICT Governance

This section contains the self-assessment questionnaire for ICT Governance. The questionnaire asks a number of questions to ascertain:

'how strongly is the ICT governance supporting the formulation and implementation of ICT strategy that is aligned to the institution strategy?'

  Answer the questions for the 'domain' that you are analysing e.g. Institution, Business Services Strongly Disagree Disagree Don't Know or N/A Agree Strongly Agree Evidence for your response
1 The institution has a documented ICT strategy, or equivalent document.           See section 2.6 within the toolkit knowledge base for help regarding this question.
2 The ICT strategy has been approved by the appropriate institutional ICT governance committee and by the Senior Management Team (SMT).            
3 The ICT Strategy Group, or equivalent group, is made up of management who represent all institutional stakeholders in ICT.            
4 ICT strategy includes a clear articulation of the institutional objectives for ICT.            
5 ICT strategy includes the architectural requirements for integration and standardisation, and the infrastructure requirements for the desired ICT capability.            
6 ICT strategy includes a clear definition of the institutional application needs and includes the investment prioritisation and budgets.            
7 ICT strategy formulation includes consultation with senior  institutional management who are stakeholders in ICT systems.            
8 The ICT strategy cross-refers to other institutional strategies.            
9 All institutional and devolved ICT is included within the ICT strategy.            
10 All institutional investment in ICT is approved through the appropriate ICT governance committee.            
11 There is a exception process to approve and maintain visibility of ICT investments outside of the documented strategy.            
12 The institution has measured the value of ICT governance in meeting institutional ICT requirements.            
13 ICT strategies are regularly reviewed and updated in line with institutional strategy changes.            
14 The ICT Strategy Group, or equivalent group, oversees the implementation of ICT strategy and receives periodic progress reports on ICT services and projects under its remit.            
15 The ICT Strategy Group, or equivalent,  reports periodically to the senior management team on progress on ICT services and projects under its remit.            
16 All investments are subject to a business case approved by the ICT Strategy Group, or equivalent institutional group.            
17 Approved projects have clear objectives and success criteria. Projects are subject to detailed progress monitoring and reporting.            
18 Post implementation reviews are completed for projects to establish and report on achievement against objectives and success criteria.