Exploring the medicine experiences and needs of patients who are under-served


Patients have a unique understanding of their own circumstances and medicine-related needs. Health care professionals can improve the care they provide by tapping into this expertise. Using real-life stories, we illustrate some of the challenges the medically under-served face managing their medicines. 

This e-learning resource has been co-produced with patients who belong to one or more under-served group. By listening to these individuals, it is intended that we can better understand their day-to-day circumstance and so better develop a sense of empathy with them. This will help encourage us to be consciously aware of individuals who are potentially most in need of support.  

This e-learning will:
  • Help you to better understand the lived experiences of patients who are medically under-served
  • How they manage their medicines and their views of community pharmacy
  • Encourage you to reflect on your own approach so that you proactively offer the Medicines Use Review service to people who potentially need them the most

This e-learning should take about 15 minutes to complete