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The Allied Health Professions Advisory Fitness for Work Report and how to complete it

Allied Health Professional (AHP) Health and Work Report

9. So do you think you could complete one now?


  • The core skills of an OT are functional assessment, task analysis and the provision of treatment and advice to improve occupational performance.
  • You are likely to know as much, if not more than, any other health professional about your patient's job, their health condition, and how this might affect their function.
  • You are giving advice - it is up the employer and their employee whether they wish to, or are able to, use it.
  • OTs are individual practitioners. How you complete a fitness for work report may be different from another therapist, in the same way that a discharge summary or treatment plan may differ.
  • As an OT you should follow the standards set down by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). For example, as with any area of clinical practice, you should always work within the limits of your knowledge and skills.
So do you think you could complete one now?
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