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6. Reviewing Your Questionnaire

After undertaking the relevant tests for validity and reliability of your questionnaire and then conducting pre-testing and pilot testing, you might find some items that are not related to the specific construct you want to examine or other items that are difficult for participants to comprehend or that are misinterpreted.

Your questionnaire items might even get low reliability scores, but don't worry. Now is the appropriate place to review and edit your questionnaire prior to your main research study. You might need to modify or remove questionnaire items, for example. Wherever possible you should repeat the previous testing procedures on the modified questionnaire before it is used for the main research study, especially if the changes you have made are quite significant.

It is always good practice to report validity and reliability results associated with your questionnaire in the study report as it increases its credibility and trustworthiness. It will also give others confidence to adopt your questionnaires in their own research should you allow them to do so.

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