Alan Holey

“Your generosity is shaping student life in so many ways”

At the close of Impact: The Nottingham Campaign, we asked Alan Holey, President of the University of Nottingham Students’ Union, to share how your gifts have helped transform student life.

Words by Alan Holey (Geography, 2017), Students' Union President


It’s hard to put into words just what your support means to us. Your generosity has, and is, shaping student life in so many ways.

Thanks to your support for scholarships and our Nottingham Potential schools programme, 3,228 talented students from all backgrounds and locations have enjoyed University life without the need to work multiple extra jobs.

Your gifts give them the chance to focus on activities that enhance their long-term employability and develop the skills they need to get ahead. I’m proud of Nottingham’s diverse student community – your support helps us keep it that way.

Through Cascade – our student project fund – over 13,000 people have embraced the chance to run, manage and take part in student projects with some amazing outcomes. From building schools for communities in need around the world, to improving the welfare of local people and students, Nottingham students are honing their talents while becoming outward-looking, global citizens in the process.


“I’m proud of Nottingham’s diverse student community, your support helps us keep it that way.”



Sometimes all it takes to unlock someone’s potential is a word of encouragement, a friendly chat or the chance to listen to someone who knows the ropes better than you do – that’s where volunteers make such a big difference. Career talks, guest lectures and mentors have an immeasurable impact not just on our students, but our staff and alumni too. Your shared experiences of career paths and life lessons offer inspiration and hope. For all that, we are extremely grateful.

As Nottingham students, we want to learn from the best. Your support helps us attract and keep top academic and research talent. Thanks to your generosity, there are now over 50 new Research Fellows and PhD studentships at Nottingham.

Yet, top talent requires top facilities to excel. One thing alumni often say to me is how much our University campuses have developed. It’s not just new flagship facilities like the GlaxoSmithKline Carbon Neutral Laboratory or the David Ross Sports Village that they notice, but the host of investments made to our buildings and services. Personally, I’m thrilled to be presiding over the new Cripps Health Centre, made possible thanks to the Cripps Foundation, and the redevelopment of our much-loved Portland Building.

I offer my deepest thanks to everyone who has given to Impact: The Nottingham Campaign in ways small and large, and hope that your gifts will continue. If you’ve not seen for yourself what‘s happening here, please do come and visit. Our pioneering spirit is as strong as ever – I’m sure you’ll like what you see.



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