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Dr Josephine Bunch has been appointed to lead research in MALDI metrology and fundamentals at NICE-MSI


Dr Josephine Bunch will join the National Centre of Excellence in Mass Spectrometry Imaging (NiCE-MSI) at NPL in September 2013 as a senior scientist, with an honorary associate professorship at the University of Nottingham School of Pharmacy.

Josephine's significant expertise in MALDI MS and MS imaging will expand existing research at NiCE-MSI and further strengthen collaboration between NPL and the Laboratory of Biophysics and Surface Analysis at Nottingham.

Josephine previously led a large multidisciplinary group in the School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham, with a primary focus on MALDI MS imaging. Her interests include MS technique and method development, MALDI fundamentals, measurement standardisation and data processing tools for MS imaging. Josephine has experience in numerous MS surface techniques in a diverse range of applications and sits on National and European mass spectrometry committees.

Josephine will be responsible for research activity in MALDI metrology and fundamentals, and will be actively seeking to engage industry and academia in these exciting new programmes.

Posted on Tuesday 8th October 2013

Interface and Surface Analysis Centre (ISAC)