RLO: Clean your hands


The University of Nottingham has produced a DVD aimed at patients, healthcare workers and hospital visitors, which is being shown on plasma screens and bedside televisions in wards. The video outlines the importance of hand hygiene, and the practical steps that everyone can take to reduce the chances of damaging infections, such as MRSA and clostridium dificile, being passed to patients by healthcare workers and visitors. It's aimed at patients, healthcare workers and hospital visitors, and will also be useful for health care students in preparation for practice.

The video covers:

  • Preventing the spread of germs
  • When health care workers should clean their hands
  • When patients and visitors should clean their hands
  • Hand washing technique for patients and visitors


You can watch this video online via the links below:

Video transcript (Rich Text Format, 31kb)

About this RLO

This video was produced as a DVD for use in hospitals and healthcare centres in Nottingham University NHS Trust. Content authors were Jacqueline Randle, Heather Wharrad and Richard Windle of the University of Nottingham, Natalie Vaughan of the NHS. Technical development was by Peter Cook (video) and Fred Riley (web).


Title and link Description
RLO: Hand Hygiene This reusable learning object outlines the reasons for hand hygiene and practical steps to achieve it via video clips and interactive exercises.

Clean Your Hands campaign website.

Clean Your Hands is a major campaign run by the NHS aimed at all healthcare staff and service users. The website contains a resource area with a range of useful campaign and educational materials.


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