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Referencing Tool

Secondary Referencing

When you use the information from a source where the author has referred to another person's work, it is called secondary referencing.

In-text citation:

You will need to cite the original author and that this has been cited in the work you are using.

Roy (1976), as cited in Walker (2020), proposed the need to consider contextual stimuli in influencing the adaptive or maladaptive response of the person to changes in their health.


Consideration of contextual stimuli can influence the adaptive or maladaptive response to changes in a person’s health (Roy, 1976 cited in Walker, 2020, p.358).

Reference List

Walker, L.O. (2020) Gifts of wise women: A reflection on enduring ideas in nursing that transcend time. Nursing Outlook, 68(3), 355-364.

Note: This reference needs to identify the resource you read where the information is cited, not the original work. It is the secondary source that is referenced in the reference list.

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