PADSHE Project - University of Nottingham

Conference 10 June 2003

Preparation for Progression
Issues and developments in FE/HE transition in the South-West of

Facilitator: Sarah Shobrook
University of Plymouth


Students who move between and across FE/HE boundaries, whether physical, social or academic, benefit from good preparation strategies. A Personal Development Profile can act as an invaluable resource to help with preparation for transition.

The workshop

This workshop looked at a preparation strategy that could be included as an independent study option within a PDP. The activity would involve constructing a checklist for transition to HE. In this activity students would have a basic template with a number of questions on relating to transition and they would be expected to add to and then downloaded the checklist as a resource to help them with progression.

The workshop participants looked at and commented on the above activity.

Points from the discussion

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