PADSHE Project - University of Nottingham

PADSHE stands for 'Personal and Academic Development for Students in Higher Education'.

Beginning with a HEFCE FDTL1 project 1996-2000, PADSHE worked with a wide range of UK universities on the HE Progress File, key skills and lifelong learning.

The project's work is now being continued and extended in the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning established at the University of Nottingham in 2005. The Centre for Integrative Learning incorporates an ePorfolio strand, managed by CETL Director Dr Angela Smallwood. The project team have sucessfully completed a project under the JISC MLEs for Lifelong Learning project, Specifying an ePortfolio, and are currently leading a JISC Distributed eLearning Regional Pilot project, RIPPLL, and a JISC ePortfolio Reference Model, ePortfolio for Lifelong Learning, part of the development of the JISC eFramework.

We are able to offer a resource for other Higher Education institutions involved in implementing Progress Files, through consultations, workshops, conferences and collaborative projects.

PADSHE represents:

  • A personal-tutoring-based approach to Progress Files
  • Experience of institution-wide implementation: Personal and Academic Records (PARs) went campus-wide at Nottingham in October 2001
  • Use of Web technology - electronic PARs (ePARs)
  • Developments of ePARs addressing employability
  • Contributions to new work on interoperability for electronic Progress File systems
  • Work with Progress File developments in 14-19 education and at UCAS
  • Links from Progress File in HE into web-based support for CPD in the teaching profession

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