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Public Science Lecture: Beyond Jell-O

Chemistry X1, University of Nottingham NG7 2RD, University Park
Thursday 18th April 2024 (18:00-19:00)

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Cubes of green jelly, on a white background

Beyond Jell-O: New gel-like materials that instruct cells and repair damaged tissues

Thursday 18th April, X1 Chemistry Building, University Campus, University of Nottingham

Dr Babatunde Okesola, Nottingham Research Fellow and Principal Investigator in the Okesola Lab, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

We all do not like to have damaged tissues or diseases in our organs. But the sad reality is that at some point in our lives we may have wounds in our skins, arthritis in our joints, fractures in our bones, or cancers in our organs. The possibility to fully repair or regenerate damaged tissues or organs, and restoring their functions, has been a dream of Dr Babatunde Okesola and many other researchers.

In this lecture, Dr Okesola will showcase how he and his team have created soft materials that resemble Jell-O (jelly) to repair damaged tissues and explore why we have cancer.

This lecture is part of our monthly science public lecture series. These events showcase research from scientists at the University of Nottingham and are free and open to all! 

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